Engineering Fluid
The Fluid that Unlocks Radical Creativity
To all your innovations, good and horrible alike... Cheers!
The name Engineering Fluid was given to me by a good friend that was a race car mechanic in the glory years of motorsports, before over-regulation and standardization, when creativity and budget were the only limitations to what defined a race car. Believe four small tires up front would give your car and aerodynamic advantage over two large tires? Develop the six-wheeled Tyrell 34 for Formula-1. Curios how a turbine-powered, all-wheel-drive, wedge-shaped, car would perform Indy? Build the Lotus 56 around a helicopter engine.

It should come as no surprise that beer influenced some of the more radical concepts ...presumably after a hard day's work. Race cars of that era were born in pubs as sketches crudely penciled on napkins in the wee hours of night.

There was a special fluid for nearly every part of the car, so "Engineering Fluid" was the fitting name they gave the fluid that inspired radical creativity. Mind you, most good ideas are born from a series of horrible ideas, and both are equally important to the process.

...So the next time a problem has you stumped, grab your pals, blank paper, pencils, some good beer. The next day sort through your sketches and ideas, and you might just find the solution to you're looking for.
We do not currenly have the necessary licensing to sell beer. Ironically, there is no law against giving it away for free, so we are giving free beer to friends and enthusiasts to help gain recognition and build a loyal base of would-be future customers. Look for us grassroots sports car events in the Southeast.


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